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RUDE Beauty Stencils 5 pcs

RUDE Beauty Stencils 5 pcs

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Every makeup guru's got to start somewhere right? The Rude Beauty Stencils will have you equipped and ready to swatch all that new makeup you've been dying to try!


2" x 8"

How to Use

1. Clean your swatching area. This area needs to be clean, dry, and free from oils to allow for the adhesive to properly attach.

2. Peel off the stencil (slowly) and place the adhesive side down onto the desired area.

3. Apply light pressure to ALL parts of the stencil so that it adheres completely to your skin.

4. Fill in the cutout area with your desired product. For best application, apply inward going out rather than outward towards the edge of the stencil.

5. Make sure that the product is completely dry before peeling off the stencil. Peel off the stencil slowly for best results.

6. Ta-da! Your perfect swatch is ready to bless your feed.

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